Value of Home Addition

Size Matters Sometimes

Did Your House Shrink? Many different numbers relating to the Gross Living Area can be floating around out there for the same home built fifteen years ago, that has sold 3 times.  Tax records, the MLS database, and past mortgages filed at the courthouse may vary in some degree.  Additionally, some Real Estate Agents may copy an old listing that had an incorrect square footage and it just gets carried on, and on, and on.  […]

Home Value

Know the Value Before the Price

The Cost of Preparing Your Home for Sale The obvious costs of preparing your home for sale can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.  Let’s assume for this article that you have decided to sell your home without the services of a professional Realtor®. Cleaning and decluttering is the obvious first step in preparing your home for sale.  Repairs, marketing and time off work to show your home will also […]